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Instructional Technology

education organization that develops, acquires, and distributes technology-based resources and provides leadership to the educational technology community.
education technology initiative in Illinois. Provides technology assistance to 100 K-12 school districts in the southern 25% of Illinois.
ALTP studies emerging learning technology, current state of K-12 technology adoption, forecasts of the information technology industry, and model-system-issues-vision of Arizona.
teaching information and resources for teachers of graphics and technology in high schools.
Although most components of this site are specific to the United Kingdom, one is accessible to all; the toolbox offers free lessons on technology such as how to create a database.
CELT is a nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to integrate technology with current educational reforms and research.
CTIE is a research and development center at the University of Missouri dedicated to the reform of teaching and learning methods at all education levels through the innovative application of technology.
issues an annual assessment of the nation's progress toward integrating technology into American classrooms through the year 2000.
discusses issues concerning multimedia presentations in the classroom.
research unit focusing on the design of new organizations and how the technologies of voice, data, and videocommunication make them possible.
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication On the Web Quarterly Since June, 1995
Free, printable lesson plans and class activities for teachers of Spanish.
nonprofit educational research and development organization focusing on the dissemination of instructional technology.
nonprofit organization promoting the use of information technologies and the Internet in K-12 education to improve learning.