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Listen to your Praxis II exam Coach
There's a reason why your Praxis test Coach is your mentor. It's because he knows a lot more than you do when it comes to Praxis test preparation. If your Praxis test Coach tells you to do something, listen to him and obey his instructions. Don't give him the "Oh, I already know about those tips" response. It doesn't matter what you know regarding the Praxis test preparation. What counts is what you do to achieve a passing mark in the Praxis II exam.
Accept You Will Make Some Wrong Answers
Making a mistake in answering your Praxis exam won't make you feel good. But you shouldn't feel bad about it either. The Praxis II exam was designed to have a very high difficulty level. Nobody can easily make a perfect score on this test. It's perfectly normal and expected for you to make some wrong answers [...]
You have just spent a considerable amount of money and time on a course that will lead to your achieving a successful band in IELTS. Nowadays, the successful band is at the IELTS higher band range, which begins at band seven. These higher bands are required in the IELTS exam for many professional qualifications, such as in the medical professions and dentistry not to mention academic qualifications, where the IELTS higher band seven is now frequently requested on university courses for MBAs and other postgraduate research courses. A change in Government Visa regulations also means that to gain some entry visas into Britain (and some other English speaking countries) or to extend some existing visas, it is also necessary to prove that you can pass the IELTS exam at the requisite IELTS higher band [...]
All licensed mortgage lenders needed to apply for new mortgage licenses through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) if they did not possess an active license within the NMLS by December 31, 2010. This regulation was established to bring uniform minimum standards and guidelines to those who are involved with loan origination process. Having a better understanding of what is involved in this process and who it benefits is important in the preparation for testing.
Preparing to take any test requires being in the right state of mind. It also requires being prepared for the test and understanding the material. A good test preparation should be designed to see what you know and help you identify your comprehension of the material [...]